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Meet our staff

Terry Jeffery

District Administrator

952-607-6512 ext. 1

Terry makes certain the District has the staff and resources necessary to fulfill the policies of the Board of Managers. He represents the District when engaging other units of government. 

Meet Terry

Amy Bakkum

Office Manager

952-607-6512 ext. 3

Amy maintains the financials, assists the District Administrator, and provides general office support.

Meet Amy

Zach Dickhausen

Natural Resources Coordinator

952-607-6512 ext. 7

Zach carries out wetland assessments and monitoring and serves as the Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) liaison for the district.

Meet Zach

Liz Forbes

Communications Manager

952-607-6512 ext. 5

Liz joined RPBCWD in 2021. She’s responsible for grant coordination, outreach planning, and coordination with the Citizen Advisory Committee.

Meet Liz

Andrew Hartmann

Water Resources Technician


Andrew assists with the Water Quality Monitoring Program and fleet management.

Meet Andrew

Eleanor Mahon

Community Engagement Coordinator

952-607-6512 ext. 6

Eleanor coordinates district events and trainings, runs the social media channels, and leads the watershed education program.

Meet Eleanor

Josh Maxwell

Water Resources & Fisheries Manager

952-607-6512 ext. 4

Josh manages the District’s Water Quality Monitoring Program, which includes data collection, analysis and reporting, and coordinating water quality monitoring projects.

Meet Josh

Dylan Monahan

Administrative Assistant

952-607-6512 ext. 8

Dylan performs administrative tasks such as preparing board packets and compiling financial information. He also greets visitors and responds to inquiries.

Meet Dylan

Mat Nicklay

Natural Resources Technician

952-607-6512 ext. 2

Mat inspects permitted construction sites to ensure compliance with erosion control rules. He also reviews permit applications.

Meet Mat

Alaina Portoghese

GIS Communications Specialist

952-607-6512 ext. 9

Alaina develops GIS maps to analyze and visualize data and assists with the outreach and education program.

Meet Alaina

Rachel Whittington

GreenCorps Member


Rachel began her one-year appointment in fall of 2023. Her focus is on collecting data and interpreting results for the the District's soil health study.


Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed
18681 Lake Drive E.
Chanhassen, MN 55317


Engineering Advisor

Scott Sobiech (Barr Engineering)
4700 West 77th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55345


Legal Advisor

Smith Partners PLLP 
250 Marquette Ave S

Suite 250
Minneapolis, MN 55401
612-344-1400 phone
612-344-1550 fax