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Watershed Organizations

Everyone Lives in a Watershed


If you live in the southwest metro, you likely live within one of the six watershed organizations listed below. Each organization is a local unit of government that administers its own projects and programs to protect and enhance water resources. Check with your local watershed management organization to see what opportunities such as workshops, cost share funding, and education programs are available to you.

Regulatory Authority


Each watershed district is required by state law to have a regulatory (permitting) program. Watershed management organizations (WMO) have discretion whether or not to have a regulatory program.

You may need a permit from your watershed organization for activities such as:

  • Building a structure such as a house, shed, patio, or driveway
  • Putting an addition onto your home
  • Shoreline or streambank work including adding a sand beach or adding riprap
  • Constructing a waterbody crossing such as a bridge over a stream
  • Dredging, removing sediment, or altering water flow in a lake, pond, wetland, stream or other waterbody
  • Excavation, filling, or other dirtwork (soil disturbance)
  • Clearing large areas of vegetation
  • Other land or water disturbing activities


*** Contact your local watershed organization about rules or permits related to the above activities. ***

Watershed Organizations in the Southwest Metro


Click a logo below to learn more about these watershed organizations.

Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District
Nine Mile Creek Watershed District
Lower Minnesota River Watershed District
Minnehaha Creek Watershed District
Carver County Watershed Management Organization
Richfield Bloomington Watershed Management Organization

What's My Watershed Organization?

Enter your address in the interactive map to find out which watershed district you live in! Please note that watershed organizations outside the Twin Cities metropolitan area are not represented.

Disclaimer: This page is hosted as a courtesy by the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District.

Accuracy of boundaries of other watershed organizations is not guaranteed.

Click on the map image below to begin. This will open a new window.

Southwest Twin Cities Watershed District Lookup