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Rice Marsh Lake

Size 83 acres
Volume 375 acre-ft
Average depth 5 ft
Max depth 11 ft
Watershed size 966 acres
Land draining directly into 280 acres
MPCA lake classification Shallow
Impairment listing Not listed
Trophic status Hypereutrophic
Common fish Bluegill, White Sucker, Northern Pike
Invasive species Curlyleaf Pondweed, Purple Loosestrife, Common Carp

For more information about waterbody impairments, visit the Minnesota's Impaired Waters List webpage managed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Water Quality

Chlorophyll-A Levels per Year


Phosphorus Levels per Year


Secchi Disk Depth per Year



Rice Marsh Lake Factsheet

Learn more about Rice Marsh Lake

Rice Marsh Lake Factsheet

Related Projects

Rice Marsh Lake Water Quality Improvement Project

The Rice Marsh Lake Water Quality Improvement Project will construct and install stormwater-management facilities and associated infrastructure to improve and treat stormwater draining to Rice Marsh Lake.

St. Hubert Water Quality and Native Restoration Project

This project, in collaboration with St. Hubert Catholic School, involves a campus retrofit that will improve water quality, reduce runoff volumes, improve ecological diversity and provide many educational opportunities near Rice Marsh Lake.


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Rice Marsh land use